• Track & trace unpowered trailers & containers

  • Monitor the status of fleet vehicles & cargo

  • Maintain fleet vehicles assets predictively

  • Cut fuel usage, vehicle wear & delivery times

  • Empower customers with shipment tracking UX

  • Improve worker safety & cut uncertainty

  • Leverage next-gen V2X & cold-chain tech

  • Run a cleaner & more productive operation


  • Telematics Solution Providers

  • System integrators

  • Technology providers

  • Value added resellers

  • Fleet manufacturers & operators

  • Freight forwarders & container shippers

  • Train manufacturers & railway operators

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Commercial Fleet

Stay ahead of the pack with IoT track & trace solutions that safeguard vehicles, unpowered trailers, and container assets for an agile, streamlined fleet operation.

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Monitor the health and status of locomotives, rail cars, and track across multiple operators and rail geometries for improved logistics and up time.

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