• Enhance logistics accuracy of asset deployments

  • Monitor location & status of equipment convoys

  • Increase situational awareness with geofences

  • Optimize connectivity and enable complete in-transit visibility (ITV)

  • Reduce asset loss, misdirection & shrinkage

  • Monitor adverse marine conditions

  • Predict adverse environmental events

  • Track & Trace endangered wildlife species


  • Prime shippers and SDDC Carriers

  • System integrators

  • Technology providers

  • Value added resellers

  • US Military & Defense Contractors

  • Foreign Governments & Militaries

  • Educational & Research Institutions

  • Environmental Agencies & Organizations

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Military and Homeland Security

Actionable edge intelligence for enhanced In-Transit Visibility (ITV)

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Wildlife and Natural Resources

Edge intelligence that enhance understanding of the myriad factors affecting animal behavior, migration patterns, and ecosystem evolution.

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