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People are our greatest asset and we are committed to being an employer of choice in our industry. We proudly offer the stability and flexibility to maintain your life balance.

We’re looking for experienced IoT engineers, embedded programmers, program manager and marketing executives. Please submit your CV/resume to to be considered.

AssetLink is a small, growing distributed Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communications company that provides remote asset monitoring solutions to customers. This usually entails a five-step process:

  1. We engage with a customer who has assets around the country or the world, that need to be tracked, or monitored, or otherwise communicated with wherever they go.
  2. We start with our existing technology toolbox, add additional engineering expertise, and sprinkle a dash of third party sensor and data analytics partnerships from our ecosystem, to configure a full solution.
  3. We demonstrate the viability of the customer-specific solution with some kind of proof-of-concept phase.
  4. We learn from the demo and deliver a production solution, in quantities from dozens to tens of thousands.
  5. We actively support that system in the field, providing technical troubleshooting and ensuring that the customer experience over the long-term is a positive one.

AssetLink is looking for an Applications Engineer, who can interact directly with customers throughout a complex project’s life cycle:

  • at the beginning of a project to understand and figure out how to fulfill the customer’s needs,
  • through the fielding of a customer solution to make sure it is performing well and as envisioned,
  • and over the ensuing lifetime of the deployment to ensure that the systems are working and delivering value to our customers.

The candidate must be comfortable spanning software systems from embedded firmware all the way up to networks and databases. Candidate will troubleshoot, test, build and program embedded systems, engage with manufacturing, and perform design work especially at the system level. Should be able to read C code, query a database, read a schematic, and integrate the three to come to conclusions about how a particular system is behaving or how it needs to be designed.

Experience in C a must; must know or be willing to learn PHP and MySQL.

Experience with embedded systems, embedded debugging, and sensor hardware preferred.

This is a highly customer-facing role. This is as much about personal (technical) communication than coding. You will be the first one to learn about a customer’s interesting new application. You will be the last one they talk to about the project as their last field issue is put to bed. And you will bring your engineering experience to bear configuring and developing the solution that you will soon see in action, working with the rest of the AssetLink team.

Location is flexible.