Your fixed and mobile assets represent a sizable capital investment. How you manage your OPEX can make the difference between turning a profit or just breaking even. Whether or not you’re leasing, proactive maintenance means that equipment performs better, safer, and more productively. But building a proactive and automated farming operation takes more than hard work, good equipment, and grit; it requires information.

AssetLink IoT solutions are designed to deliver information, quickly, reliably and cost effectively. And knowing where your equipment is, how it’s performing, or when it needs attention helps you avoid run away repair costs, lost productivity, and unsafe working environments.

IoT in Farm Equipment

The AssetPack is a highly versatile equipment tracking and sensor monitoring solution, designed for frequent two-way communication with unpowered assets. AssetPack sensor interfaces provide growers the information and control they need to proactively manage farming operations of any size or complexity. Available in satellite, cellular, or hybrid options, the solution is fully self contained, waterproof, dustproof, ruggedized for use in any agricultural application.

In addition to providing GPS track & trace, the solution can be easily configured to monitor a wide range metrics via on-board sensor agnostic analog and digital inputs. This makes measuring equipment — such as tank levels, pump flow rates, on/off states, pressure or engine temperatures — simple and intuitive. The solution also supports seamless cellular and satellite connectivity so that you can easily change reporting behavior or manage remote machinery over the air.

Whether optimizing machinery using the latest predictive maintenance routines, locating mobile farm equipment, or proactively monitoring tank levels, AssetLink offers the real world solutions for today’s challenges while positioning growers for the knowledge economy of tomorrow.

Benefits & Features

  • Monitor tank and silo levels instantly & accurately

  • Maximize maintenance for better performance & up-time

  • Power sensors directly with an integrated 7-10 service life solar battery

  • Connect now via cost optimized 2-way cellular & satellite

  • Precise GPS locator and geofencing services

  • Over the air remote monitoring & management

  • Ruggedized & reliable service for use in any agri setting

  • Advanced CPU & memory for localized data processing

“Marathon operates the nation’s largest refining system with more than 3 million barrels per day of crude oil capacity across 16 refineries. The IoT is essential to streamlining our diversified MPLX partnership of midstream energy infrastructure and logistics assets. AssetLink IoT sensors and engine monitoring interfaces represent key components of our refinery and distributed network of pipeline assets and river barges.”

Channel Partner, Marathon Petroleum

“AssetLink is an IBM technology partner and manufacturer of enterprise-grade IoT devices that enhance the reach and value of IBM Industry 4.0 solutions across key energy, transportation, and logistics sectors. The solution’s sensor-agnostic interface and dual-mode connectivity provide flexibility and scalability on par with IBM’s distributed technology offering.”

Channel Partner, IBM