The AssetLink Team

Connecting People, Systems, and Things

Groudbreakers in the IoT

We make the world a better place through the use of purposeful technologies that create sustainable real world value. By unlocking the flow of information from the edge, we help organizations realize their goals, create innovative solutions, build safe operations, and improve the world around them.


Our Team

With over three decades of engineering experience as a team, our IoT and satellite experts have developed a successful end-to-end system approach that assures that all the pieces work together seamlessly.

We help customers and partners who require best-in-class performance with our uncompromising engineering practices and design methodologies that exceed stringent environmental requirements and industry standards.


David J. GoldsteinChief Executive Officer
For over 20 years, David has been at the forefront of the satellite communications industry, participating in M2M initiates that, today, have diversified into a burgeoning global IoT market. A mechanical engineer by training, he has built and launched satellite systems and spearheaded numerous M2M product launches. In addition to holding various management positions, David has served as CFO for a number of public and private aerospace companies holding executive or C-level positions in multiple roles across including engineering, operations, sales, marketing, project management, finance, and general management.

Today David heads AssetLink, an enterprise-grade manufacturer of high-availability IoT solutions in verticals ranging from agriculture to transportation. David sees himself as a coordinator of moving parts, making sure the right information is getting to the right people, integrating and synthesizing that information with his knowledge of all the disciplines in the company, to ensure the solutions we provide deliver the maximum benefit. David holds engineering and economics degrees from Brown University and Harvard University, respectively.

Scott McDermottChief Technical Officer
Scott brings extensive engineering expertise to AssetLink, invaluable to the company’s innovation initiatives. As a seasoned technology officer, Scott is able to apply his engineering and management experience across a range of core disciplines, including IoT engineering, communications, software development, and database design. In his prior position as “Spacecraft Systems Engineer”, Scott humorously admits that the role has different meanings in different organizations, but at its truest meant “the person who knows enough about everyone else’s job to help them understand each other” within the constraints of building spacecraft with few resources to spare on power, mass, heat, volume, complexity, processing. One of Scott’s strength is his ability to translate his experience to his work at AssetLink, reconciling customer industry, products solutions, and use-cases to AssetLink product lines and as he describes “…not just looking for a fit, but looking for how to make our products solve their problem.” Scott holds Bachelors and a Masters of Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Anthony ValenzanoChief Engineer
Anthony is expert in small and large scale electronics engineering and interoperable product design. He has successfully designed, developed, and launched a number of complex M2M solutions comprised of specialized hardware and customer embedded systems. While studying electrical engineering at Penn State, Anthony headed the power and wiring for the SPIRIT sounding rocket program with NASA, and participated in the construction and launch of a sounding rocket, 62 miles into the atmosphere. Anthony would later expand his career in roles at Lockheed Martin and AeroAstro.

As Chief Engineer, Anthony is currently in charge of AssetLink Hardware Design and Production teams, where he enjoys the flexibility and means to exercise his creativity to build innovative new solutions. Anthony holds engineering degrees from Pennsylvania State University.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The AssetLink IoT offering is a foundational component of our private and public sector clients’ value-propositions. We enable organizations, large and small, to create innovative products and services that safeguard scarce resources, safeguard the environment, and improve quality of life.

We are actively involved in a number of important environmental partnerships with NOAA, The Ocean Cleanup Project, and other fine organizations to better understand the various ecosystems of which we are all a part. Our systems fundamentally make the backbone of our economy more efficient, safer, and better able to adapt to change.