Global exports of WTO (World Trade Organization) member nations are expected to eclipse the US$20 trillion mark by 2020. While a few early technology adopters are starting to reap benefits from their IoT investments, many shippers remain in the dark when it comes to the location or condition of customer cargo in transit.
This doesn’t have to be the case.

Although track & trace technologies have existed for some time, the combo of inefficient batteries and unreliable power sources have limited mass adoption. At AssetLink we have invested decades of R&D into the design and manufacture of solar powered IoT sensor interfaces specifically suited to multimodal container tracking. Our IoT track & trace solutions smart enable powered and unpowered assets with anywhere cellular and satellite communications, perfect for uninterrupted multimodal container tracking. If physics allows a communications link, our systems provide it.

IoT in Shipping Vessels

The AssetPack is a highly versatile equipment tracking and sensor monitoring solution, designed for frequent two-way communication with unpowered assets. Implemented per container at the vessel level, AssetPack sensor interfaces provide shippers and vessel operators the information they need to proactively monitor cargo or manage a complex ecosystems of vessel assets.

Available in satellite, cellular, or hybrid options, the solution is fully self-contained, waterproof, dustproof and ruggedized for use in unforgiving marine environments. In addition to providing native GPS, the solution can be easily configured to monitor a wide range of metrics via on-board sensor agnostic analog and digital inputs. This makes monitoring cargo and the equipment that transport it, simple and intuitive.

Whether adopting the latest in predictive maintenance technologies, tracking the location of customer cargo, or proactively monitoring your equipment ecosystem, AssetLink offers the real world solutions for today’s challenges while providing flexibility to scale growth, reduce cargo loss, and run a tighter and more productive ship.

Benefits & Features

  • Trace & Trace unpowered containers via cellular & satellite

  • Monitor the health & performance of vessel & equipment

  • Power sensors directly with an integrated 7-10 service life solar battery

  • Connect now via cost optimized 2-way cellular & satellite

  • Precise GPS locator and geofencing services

  • Over the air remote monitoring & management

  • Ruggedized & reliable service for use in any setting

  • Advanced CPU & memory for localized data processing

“AssetLink has enabled us to penetrate the global logistics market and the future is bright at Maeda. We recently acquired a number of high-volume multinational accounts of 70 transports per week, thanks to the real-time visibility AssetLink IoT solutions provide. Our solar powered AssetPack IoT devices exceed all expectations, providing maintenance-free remote monitoring of all our fleet vehicles, powered and unpowered.”

CEO, Maeda

“Marathon operates the nation’s largest refining system with more than 3 million barrels per day of crude oil capacity across 16 refineries. The IoT is essential to streamlining our diversified MPLX partnership of midstream energy infrastructure and logistics assets. AssetLink IoT sensors and engine monitoring interfaces represent key components of our refinery and distributed network of pipeline assets and river barges.”

Channel Partner, Marathon Petroleum
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