Small Vessels Get Modern Maritime Tools With AssetLink Hybrid

The commercial fishing business is large, with the total number of fishing vessels in the world estimated to be 4.6 million on the high seas. In contrast to factory longliners that can top 45 meters (148 feet) and contain processing plants that gut the catch, as well as refrigerate and store it, a great number of the vessels that make up fishing fleets are small. Many fishing craft measure less than 30 meters (98 ft).  Artisanal fishing craft can be even smaller and are rarely tracked or monitored, but have some of the highest risk at sea.

Even smaller ships require modern maritime equipment to carry out their trade. This is especially true in regions such as the Caribbean, where small vessels are used for everything from commercial fishing to law enforcement duties. Modern-day requirements call for real-time Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) for these smaller craft.

Fortunately, AssetLink has spent years working in maritime environments. We have been equipping small-scale fishing vessels with our Small Vessel Monitoring Solution (SVMS), which provides satellite or cellular monitoring that can track a boat’s location relative to fisheries and other boundaries, route distress calls, and send other text information from ship to shore.  Our AssetLink AssetPack Hybrid is a solar-battery powered IoT solution with GPS and cellular connectivity. It’s well suited to track the movement of fleets, monitor the operation of ship equipment, and gather data on local marine ecologies.

Recently, Comprehensive Security Solutions Inc. (CSSI), a Barbados based GPS and satellite data service provider, has ordered 1,500 units of our AssetPack Hybrid to meet the growing demand for monitoring services in the Caribbean.

The AssetPack Hybrid includes:

  • A precise GPS locator and onboard geofencing services
  • Panic button, local audible alerts, and the ability to transmit text messages from ship to shore and back again
  • Ruggedized & reliable service for tough maritime use
  • A connection via 2-way cellular & satellite links with dual-mode operation that can switch intelligently between bands, depending on signal strength, network availability, or data transmission costs
  • Over-the-air remote monitoring and management
  • Direct support for a variety of sensors with an integrated solar battery for a 7 to 10 year service life

The affordable AssetLink Hybrid can help reduce the logistical and operational cost of the solution and keep crews in touch and safe. AssetLink Hybrid supports multiple sensors that help crew to constantly monitor onboard equipment, avoid equipment failures, and save costs over time.

The system can be configured to monitor a wide range of metrics via the unit’s sensor agnostic onboard analog and digital inputs. The AssetLink Hybrid is designed to work with almost any wired or wireless sensor on the market, including Bluetooth. This simplifies predictive maintenance for the vessel’s crew and fleet owners.  The power profile of the solar battery can maintain charge without needing sight of the sun for weeks at a time. In fact, a crew can travel from the Caribbean to France and back entirely on stored battery power. All of this helps to lower operational costs. And with zero maintenance and long service life, fewer batteries end up in landfills.  With our AssetLink Hybrid unit, vessel operators can use sensors to monitor the speed of ships during open water transits to ensure crew safety. Data can be recorded in real-time and monitored by the vessel operators.  Laptop interfaces allow for messaging to be sent including email and catch reports.  Our AssetLink Hybrid enables GPS satellite tracking of vessels, vital in everyday fishing activities, and with its panic button system, provides a method to track vessels that need immediate help.

One of the key aspects of our smaller vessel VMS is that it cuts illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. For instance, the Dominican Republic reported that fishing represents $93.4 million annually. Foreign vessels from South Korea, Nicaragua, Honduras, and other countries have encroached on Dominican waters with illegal fishing. This leads to a shortfall in the national catch. For every 10 pounds of fish consumed in the country, 7 pounds are imported, according to Milton Ginebra Morales, the executive director of the Dominican Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

A VMS system can help deter illegal fishing. Vessels often operate in deep waters, out of the view of authorities. VMS enhances the control and monitoring of vessels individually. The system transmits their locations to the ships’ flag state monitoring centers, and indicates whether boats are fishing or moving from point to point.

Available in satellite, cellular, or hybrid options, our equipment tracking and sensor monitoring solution is fully self-contained, waterproof, dustproof, ruggedized for use in unforgiving marine environments.

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